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Colossians 1

Postby imirish01 on Fri Mar 23, 2012 1:23 pm


I was studying Colossians 1. I was stopped by verses 13-20. Paul seems to be the first apostle saying that Jesus is the firstborn of all creation and in Him all things were created. Similar to John 1. He goes on to say that Jesus existed before all things and in Him all things consist. Paul makes other statements about this in some of his other writings.

Granted, I know this comes by revelation of the Holy Spirit, but these statements are usually backed up by scripture. I have no doubt Paul searched the scripture after Jesus made himself known. He must have been delighted to find Christ in the Jewish scripture. I just don't recall Old Testament scripture talking about firstborn of all creation or in Him all things were created.

Now, that said, here is my question. Where in the Old Testament is it mentioned that the Christ was before all things, all things are/were made through him and in Him all things consist?

Any assistance would be appreciated. I have read a couple of commentaries and one mentions the Book of Wisdom (possibly written by Solomon). I know there are other Jewish writings outside the bible and wonder whether these contributed to Paul's statements. I just always attributed John 1 to John and had not noticed Paul appears to be saying it 30 years before John put pen to paper.

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