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Dec. 02

Lady Ashton grilled by MEPs

Dec. 02

‘Acting Secretary-General of WEU’ only temporary

Dec. 02

‘Not the last word’ from Solana

Dec. 03

Solana’s Future — What Holly Thinks

I’m still not convinced Javier Solana is out of the EU picture. Apparently, I’m not the only one.

Dec. 04

‘France should oppose EU J’lem draft’

Dec. 04

Israeli calls for EU economic sanctions against Israel

Dec. 04

Obama won’t move embassy to J’lem yet

Dec. 05

Solana: ‘Tough act to follow’

Dec. 06

Israel pressing EU ministers to reject Swedish draft on J’lem

Dec. 07

EU turns up the heat on Israel over Jerusalem

Dec. 07

European foreign ministers to decide on Mideast text Tuesday

Israeli officials are reportedly pessimistic over striking a clause from the EU document, which calls for east Jerusalem to be the capital of a future Palestinian state.

Dec. 07

Ambassador Richard Holbrooke on the new EU Foreign Minister: Catherine Who?

Dec. 07

192 nations gather at UN climate conference in Copenhagen

Dec. 08

EU resolution recognizes Jerusalem as shared capital of Israel, Palestinian state

Dec. 08

Israel relieved at amended EU statement

“Israeli diplomatic officials privately heaved a sigh of relief Tuesday when the EU — after a week of intensive deliberations — adopted a statement on the Middle East that stopped short of recognizing east Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state.”

Dec. 08

EU Council conclusions on the Middle East peace process

Dec. 10

The 10 Nations: Still Going Strong — What Holly Thinks

The Western European Union isn’t only a 10-nation military alliance as foretold by Bible prophecy; it is “the most binding mutual defence treaty in the West.”

Dec. 11

EU says Israel aimed to divide bloc over Jerusalem

Dec. 13

Who’s Leading the 10 Nations? — What Holly Thinks

Who is heading up the Western European Union since Javier Solana’s term as secretary general ended?

Dec. 15

Evangelicals, faith leaders push green cause at Copenhagen

Dec. 15

Javier Solana joins ESADE Business School

Dec. 16

EU’s new foreign relations chief criticises Israel

Dec. 17

Jerusalem: EU foreign policy chief’s remarks ‘cast a pall’ over relations

Dec. 19

Who will lead the Political and Security Committee? — What Holly Thinks

EU foreign minister-elect Cathy Ashton must appoint someone to chair the EU’s Political and Security Committee. Will it be Javier Solana?

Dec. 20

2009: The year of ‘global’ government

“There is scope for debate – and innumerable newspaper quizzes – about who was the most influential public figure of the year, or which the most significant event. But there can be little doubt which word won the prize for most important adjective.”

Dec. 20

EU to work for Palestinian state in 2010: Spain

Dec. 21

Unconfirmed rumor: Solana to be appointed special EU envoy in Greek-Macedonian dispute

Dec. 23

Report: Netanyahu has agreed to U.S. terms for a Palestinian state

Dec. 24

Christians in Vietnam hold another historic Christmas celebration

Dec. 24

Security beefed up for peaceful Christmas in India

Dec. 25

Way Before the Manger — What Holly and Adam Think

Many people don’t know that the Christmas story began way before the little town of Bethlehem was even on the map.

Dec. 27

2009: The Year European policy shifted against Israel

“The Solana plan was the first official proposal that went beyond the parameters created in Oslo and echoed in the road map and the Annapolis process.”

Dec. 29

Israeli settlement construction in East Jerusalem draws EU rebuke

Dec. 30

Netanyahu: It’s time to resume talks

Dec. 31

2009: A Look Back — What Holly Thinks

We, at FP, watched a number of stories in 2009. Here’s a quick rundown of the year.

Dec. 31

2010 must be showtime for Mideast peace