Archive: August 2009

Aug. 03

US to present Middle East plan ‘in a matter of weeks’

“[T]he US anticipates it will have the pieces in place to formally re-launch the Arab-Israel peace process in the coming weeks.”

Aug. 05

Barak: Israel must back US peace plan

Aug. 06

PA officials: U.S. to demand Israel, PA address borders first

“The U.S. administration will demand that Israel and the Palestinians address the issue of borders as the first step in the Middle East peace plan, senior Palestinian officials said Thursday.”

Aug. 06

Senior Israeli diplomat slams Netanyahu’s US policy

Aug. 09

Recommendation 666: New Chinese Translation

FP is excited to announce the release of a Chinese translation of Recommendation 666!

Aug. 16

Israel must prepare for U.S. peace initiative

“All signals indicate that within weeks, the United States will present a political initiative that may, for the first time in many years, include a plan for a Palestinian-Israeli agreement — or at least some American mediation proposals on the conflict’s core issues.”

Aug. 16

Report details future Palestinian state

Aug. 16

’Israel soon to be larger than Diaspora’

Aug. 17

If they won’t make peace we may have to make it for them

Journalist Tony Karon says that Javier Solana’s proposed solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict may be the only one that will work.

Aug. 17

Arab League wants EU to back monitoring of Israeli nukes

Aug. 18

New U.S. plan calls for demilitarized Palestine

Aug. 18

Israel plans biometric registry of all citizens

Aug. 18

Netanyahu to freeze Jewish construction, settlers furious

“Israel’s largest daily newspaper, Yediot Ahronot, reported on Tuesday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak have reached an agreement to halt all Jewish construction in Judea, Samaria and the eastern half of Jerusalem in compliance with the demands of US President Barack Obama.”

Aug. 18

US is well aware of de facto settlement freeze, Israel says

Aug. 18

Obama encouraged by progress in Mideast talks

Aug. 20

Obama urges renewed Mideast peace talks as soon as possible

“U.S. President Barack Obama wants Israel and the Palestinians to restart stalled peace talks as soon as possible and urged both sides and the Arab states to take steps to advance the process, the White House said on Thursday.”

Aug. 21

Israeli settlements ‘an impediment to peace’

Aug. 22

Israeli ‘settlement construction drops 15%’

Aug. 22

Significant progress in US settlement talks, PM tells cabinet

“Four days before travelling to London for a meeting with American envoy George Mitchell, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu held a meeting of his inner cabinet on Thursday night in which ‘significant progress’ was reported in negotiations with the US over a settlement freeze.”