Archive: February 2008

Feb. 04

412,891 — Adam’s Angle

It’s a given: if you want to fulfill God’s calling on your life you will face opposition. People may mock you, your friendships could be jeopardized and you might even lose your job.

Feb. 18

Is Obama the Antichrist? — What Holly Thinks

Barack Obama — he’s got dazzling charm, a liberal agenda, and a name that suspiciously rhymes with “Osama.” And he’s gearing up to take the reins of the most powerful country in the world. So, some Christians are wondering: could he be the Antichrist?

Feb. 26

Announcement: Stepping It Up — What Holly Thinks

Jesus Christ is returning to judge the world. And if you’ve followed the news reported here at, then you know His return is much closer than most Christians realize.