Archive: January 2008

Jan. 01

2007: A Prophetic Year in Review — What Holly Thinks

2007 was a big year for Bible prophecy. Of course, end-time ministries always say that. So, what made 2007 special?

Jan. 04

A Call to Lunacy — Adam’s Angle

Have you ever second-guessed God’s call on your life because of the cost involved?

Jan. 15

Blessed Hope or False Hope? — What Holly Thinks

On Saturday night, Adam and I were watching Hal Lindsey on Christian television when he made a statement that received cheers from his audience. When speaking of the persecution of the Antichrist, Lindsey said (my paraphrase), “But we Christians don’t need to worry about that because we won’t be here. We’ll be raptured before the tribulation begins.”