Archive: November 2007

Nov. 16

Temple or Sanctuary? — What Holly Thinks

If we’ve entered the 70th week of Daniel, then according to Daniel 9:27 the next major thing we should expect to see is a time of peace dawning over the Middle East, allowing Israel to return to its temple sacrifices. So, many Christians are awaiting the rebuilding of the Jewish temple. But what if that’s not necessary?

Nov. 21

Feeling Used — Adam’s Angle

Every boy dreams of being the quarterback. We want to be the one who wins the game with only three seconds to go as the crowd goes wild.

Nov. 24

Annapolis: Will It Be a Success or Failure? — What Holly Thinks

On Tuesday, Nov. 27, over 40 world leaders will gather in Annapolis, Maryland, for a historic event: the launching of formal peace talks between Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Nov. 29

Annapolis: A Day for the Prophetic History Books — What Holly Thinks

Organizers and attendees appear to agree: the Annapolis Conference, Tuesday, was a success. But more than that, I think it was prophetically significant.