Archive: October 2007

Oct. 12

They’re Laughing Now — What Holly Thinks

The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) invited United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon to be their keynote speaker last night at a Global Leaders Dinner in Crystal City, Va. And the NAE official who invited Ban to speak, the Rev. Richard Cizik, got a kick out of the irony of the occasion — an irony that a Washington Post columnist also picked up on in an article he wrote called Guess Who Came to the Evangelicals’ Dinner.

Oct. 17

Deathly Quiet — Adam’s Angle

Somewhere back in that dusty part of your Old Testament (in Judges chapters 17-18, to be exact), there’s a story of a man who hated confrontation. His name was Micah.

Oct. 20

27 Things to Watch Next Year — What Holly Thinks

The EU leaders have done it — they’ve succeeded in adopting a Reform Treaty to replace the failed EU Constitution. Now, the real test comes. After an official signing ceremony in December, all 27 Member States will have to ratify the treaty for it to go into effect by 2009.