Archive: August 2007

Aug. 04

Gravely Mistaken — Adam’s Angle

Look at the world: there’s a lot of tragedy. Could it be that God doesn’t know what He’s doing? I mean, just read John chapter 11. Jesus makes a series of decisions that make no sense. Is it possible for God incarnate to strike out?

Aug. 06

Blinding Teachings — What Holly Thinks

Many amazing end-times prophecies appear to have been fulfilled in the past 15 years — though a large segment of the church is oblivious. Lined up, they indicate that we may have entered Daniel’s 70th week — the final seven years of world history.

Aug. 08

Conversion Code — What Holly Thinks

The World of Council of Churches and the Vatican have teamed up to create a code of conduct for Christians who seek to win converts from other religions and faiths. About 30 Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant theologians will attend a meeting in Toulouse, France — today through Friday — to draft a “rule-book.” Read the WCC’s press release here.

Aug. 08

Family Feud — Adam’s Angle

An old friend called me two days ago. He’s in a pickle. The problem he and his family are facing is, ashamedly, not rare: their church is on the brink of splitting. What do you do when you’ve invested years into relationships and ministry? Do you stick it out or do you cut loose and start anew?

Aug. 10

Happy Birthday, Herb! — What Holly Thinks

Today, Aug. 10, would have been my dad’s 61st birthday. I miss him so much, as we at FP all do.

Aug. 13

Blinding Teachings: Kingdom Now Theology Part 2 — What Holly Thinks

Last week, I began a series examining teachings in the church that are blinding Christians to the end times. I began with “Kingdom Now” theology or “dominionism,” showing its incompatibility with the view of the end times held here at FP and by other end-times ministries. Read Part 1 here. In Part 2, I will point out Scripture that refutes the Kingdom Now teaching that God’s rule will be set up on earth before Christ returns.

Aug. 22

Could This Be the Real Peace Deal? — What Holly Thinks

Israel’s leaders have been in talks with Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas — negotiating a “declaration of principles” for the creation of a Palestinian state. Their goal is to present the declaration at the Middle East peace conference to be held in Washington in November. Read about the declaration here from the Guardian.

Aug. 29

Calling It Quits — Adam’s Angle

The apostle Paul was fed up in Acts chapter 18 — but could you blame him?