Archive: July 2007

Jul. 04

Fatherland — Adam’s Angle

I’ll admit it: I get a little rowdy when I watch fireworks. Maybe you do, too, every Fourth of July (or on whatever date your national holiday is if you live outside the U.S.). You could blame my enthusiasm on an overdose of hotdogs and cotton candy, but there’s no special explanation needed. It’s just fun to get together with friends and family and have a picnic while watching the fireworks go off.

Jul. 10

The Cheater’s Guide to World History — What Holly Thinks

Adam and I didn’t post over the weekend because we were helping my mom, Linda, paint her house. Many FPers have asked how she is doing since my dad’s death. She’s been amazingly strong. Her faith is carrying her through this time.

Jul. 13

Another 10 Kings? — What Holly Thinks

On Monday, foreign ministers from 10 European nations wrote an open letter to Tony Blair—the Quartet’s new Middle East envoy—asking him to convene an international conference on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to urge Israel to make more concessions to Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas. The foreign ministers believe the Quartet’s Road Map for Peace has failed, and they want the conference to consider the possibility of sending in an international peacekeeping force. Read about it here.

Jul. 28

EU Treaty: Does It Matter? — What Holly Thinks

If you’ve been following the news, then you know that the European Union is currently drafting a Reform Treaty to replace its failed constitution. EU leaders have already approved the major points and much of the text of the treaty, but the question remains: Will it receive the required ratification from all 27 member states?

Jul. 30

Evangelical Leaders Betray Israel — What Holly Thinks

I have no doubt that the evangelical leaders who signed this letter in Sunday’s New York Times mean well. They really believe that other evangelicals who defend Israel’s right to her land are mistaken — and dangerously so.

Jul. 31

Crowded Out — Adam’s Angle

Let’s say you’re planning a big Christian conference at your church this summer. You want it to be a success. As you’re wondering who to book as your big-name speaker, one of your church members across the room lights up with excitement.