Archive: June 2007

Jun. 08

Fulfilled Prophecy — Staying Tuned — What Holly Thinks

It’s with deep sadness and tears that I, Holly, am writing this update for my father, Herb. This is the last thing in the world I want to be writing, and I’m not even sure how to say it. We got news on Tuesday that he has very advanced colon cancer that is terminal.

Jun. 11

Walking By Faith — What Holly Thinks

I’m sitting in front of the computer, trying to figure out what to write at a time like this — what to say to the many people who love my father, Herb, and are troubled by his illness and what to say as the new owner of FP. So, I’m just going to share from my heart.

Jun. 13

Herb Has Passed

Early this morning, my father, Herb Peters, went to be with Jesus. He is and will be missed. We will give an update as soon as we can with the funeral time and location.

Jun. 17

A Legacy — What Holly Thinks

My dad’s funeral was yesterday. I thought I’d share some details for those who couldn’t attend.

Jun. 20

Golden No — Adam’s Angle

Hello all. You don’t know how strange it is that my first official post on this site should happen to be the article on the front page. My name is Adam—husband of Holly, son-in-law of Herb and new co-owner of FP. Becoming a part of this work that God has raised up is kind of like getting thrown into the middle of a lake in order to be taught how to swim. Nevertheless, I have confidence that our God, who can multiply fishes and bread and can make donkeys speak, will give all of us what we need to do His will.

Jun. 23

Builder of Babel? — Adam’s Angle

If Hollywood pop-culture is any indicator of what people really think, then radical Christians and radical hippies have a lot in common. Both sides would agree that “We’re on the eve of destruction.” What they would disagree on is where that destruction is coming from and how we can be “saved” from the coming destruction.

Jun. 28

Following the Road Signs — What Holly Thinks

With Tony Blair’s appointment as the Quartet’s special envoy to the Middle East, there’s been speculation that he may turn out to be the person who negotiates peace with Israel — and, thus, the prophesied Antichrist.