Archive: April 2007

Apr. 03

Circles of Power — What Herb Thinks

Jesus said something special to the angel of the church in Philadelphia.

Apr. 24

I’m Back — What Herb Thinks

It’s strange readjusting to home again. I woke up last night and didn’t know where I was. Speaking for The Prophecy Club is not for the uncommitted. And although I still haven’t completely recovered from the tour, I’m glad I went. I wish to thank Stan and Bentley Johnson for making a grueling schedule a pleasant and worthwhile experience.

Apr. 28

A Heavy Heart — What Herb Thinks

I once again saw Glenn Beck’s interview with Tim LaHaye, Jerry Jenkins and Joel Rosenberg. It left me with a heavy heart. I believe Beck is definitely interested in learning about end-time Bible prophecy. And the fact that CNN decided to re-run the interview suggests that there are many others interested as well. I also believe that LaHaye, Jenkins and Rosenberg are very sincere in their beliefs. So, why is my heart heavy?