Archive: December 2006

Dec. 07

Democratic Power — What Herb Thinks

The exercise of democratic power can be frustrating to watch. Even though our leaders may know what needs to be done, doing it is another matter. Before taking a step — no matter how necessary — the voters must first be gathered behind them. And, if you haven’t noticed, voters can be very fickle.

Dec. 09

2007 Charlemagne Prize — What Herb Thinks

The timing is interesting. With Germany about to take the EU’s rotating presidency, it’s being announced that Javier Solana has won the 2007 Charlemagne Prize. Read it here I Here I And here. And, at the time of writing, all the reports I’ve managed to find have been in German. If you read on, you may find reason to think you know why.

Dec. 11

Global Solidarity — What Herb Thinks

Most evangelical Christians knew it was coming. We just didn’t think it would happen so suddenly. Almost overnight we have seen the world brought to a place where we knew by the Bible that someday it would be.

Dec. 12

EU Monitors Flee — What Herb Thinks

It’s a complicated mess. But some understanding may be possible. The Bible tells us ultimately what to expect — the Middle East peace process shifting to the EU. That makes it easier.

Dec. 13

Germany’s Turn — What Herb Thinks

In January, the EU’s six-month presidency will go to Germany. As you probably know, I think something big in the way of Bible prophecy may be brewing. Everything seems to point to it — from the conclusions of the recent Euromed Ministerial Conference in Finland to the release of the Iraq Study Group’s report and coinciding shakeups in Washington. On both sides of the Atlantic there is a common and urgent goal — cooling down a hot, simmering Middle East.

Dec. 17

Abbas’ Silver Lining — What Herb Thinks

I like the History Channel. C-SPAN, however, can be even better. Today on C-SPAN I saw Dennis Ross speaking about the Iraq Study Group (ISG) report. Next, I saw Mahmoud Abbas calling the ISG report — along with the EU’s new Middle East peace plan — “the silver lining” in all that’s happening.

Dec. 19

Bridge Over Troubled Water — What Herb Thinks

I’ll say it again: The significance of the events that FP has been reporting may be hard to overstate. However, because of minor doctrinal differences, it’s doubtful many of God’s people will hear about them.

Dec. 23

Comprehensive — What Herb Thinks

We knew the talks were coming. Today’s news, nevertheless, still caught me by surprise. Evidently, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas have finally sat down to talk peace Read about it here I Here I And here. The full nature of the talks are still sketchy. That they even happened, however, may speak volumes.

Dec. 30

Facing Faith — What Herb Thinks

Today I had another e-mail with a link to a site claiming to have definitive proof for a particular view on end-time prophecy. And, once again, what the site had to offer was far from what it boasted. But, sad to say, many seekers of truth will stumble there.