Archive: November 2006

Nov. 07

God Wasn’t Joking — What Herb Thinks

Image what would happen if Sen. John F. Kerry decided he wanted another shot at the White House. But, knowing that he didn’t stand a chance without making some changes, he decided to do something daring. He decided to change his name to Sen. John F. Kennedy. Do you think it would work?

Nov. 08

No. 1 To No. None — What Herb Thinks

My friend Constance Cumbey called this morning and said Google had suddenly dropped my book, Recommendation 666, from their list of books about Javier Solana. See Google’s book ranking here. She said if I did a commentary with a graphic from when it was their No. 1 book, Recommendation 666 might just as suddenly reappear. So, I decided to do as Constance suggested and see what happens.

Nov. 14

Drawing Lines — What Herb Thinks

That’s what they’re doing — they’re drawing lines we can’t cross. I only got to the fourth page of this report, and I already found one. Take a look at what’s below. As a Christian leader, will you be willing to do what the Alliance of Civilizations (AOC) will be asking of you — promoting appreciation for other religions?

Nov. 16

Global Peace Project — What Herb Thinks

I don’t think we yet fully appreciate what’s going on. The Alliance of Civilizations (AOC) is beginning to appear to be much more than just another limp-wristed UN initiative. It’s beginning to look like the AOC may actually be an attempt by the international community to — at long last — bring about their dream for world peace. In fact, that’s how a co-sponsor of the AOC, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, sees the initiative himself.

Nov. 17

Butterfly of Peace — What Herb Thinks

Today’s news reminds me of that song from the 1960s about the elusive butterfly of love. In my mind, I see two men with nets chasing after a butterfly. But, instead of it being the butterfly of love, it’s the butterfly of peace. And, it’s every bit as elusive.

Nov. 22

Herb’s Date Setting! — What Herb Thinks

Sometimes we must answer our critics. Not so much to defend our position over another, but to provide an answer to our readers. Due to FP’s popularity, and as we approach the year 2007, this is especially becoming true. The attacks are apparently beginning. It’s being brought to my attention there are some prophecy teachers accusing me of date setting. And, some are accusing me of sensationalism and suggesting that I’m doctrinally unsound. So, I guess it’s necessary to respond to their charges.