Archive: October 2006

Oct. 07

Geo-Peace Zones — What Herb Thinks

You might say Spain and Morocco are kissing cousins. Google Earth shows only about nine miles separates these two nations. Evidently, it’s this close relationship between Spain and Morocco that may help explain the UN’s new Alliance of Civilizations (AOC).

Oct. 10

In World’s Face — What Herb Thinks

It seems that North Korea’s little Kim Jong-Il has suddenly found himself the focal point of the world’s wrath. Even China, North Korea’s old war buddy, is stepping back from the disdainful glare of the international community.

Oct. 12

A Reminder — What Herb Thinks

New Yorkers breathed a sign of relief. It wasn’t a terrorist attack. Cory Lidle, a pitcher for the Yankees, crashed his single engine airplane into a Manhattan high rise. Read about it here.

Oct. 16

Comprehensive Peace — What Herb Thinks

Thanks to this summer’s Middle East war, an unexpected window for peace has opened. But it will be closing soon. The international peacemakers know this. So, the time to act is now.

Oct. 31

Critical Stage — What Herb Thinks

As the EU’s Javier Solana concludes his Middle East tour Read about it here, those of us who attended are returning from this year’s Watchman Speaks End Time Symposium. And it appears that Solana and I may be coming home with the same feeling — we are at a critical stage. Read about it here.