Archive: September 2006

Sep. 02

Calling Rome — What Herb Thinks

The other occurrences of the number 666 may have been interesting. But this one makes me angry. Have you ever had the feeling that someone was playing with you? Well, that’s how I’m feeling. It seems the City of Rome has posted on their Web site a phone number for visitors seeking information. The number is 060606.

Sep. 10

All Coming Together — What Herb Thinks

If you read the news links posted yesterday, you know that King Abdullah II of Jordan is very concerned that if a settlement in the Israeli/Palestinian dispute isn’t found by 2007, it may be too late. Read about it here. I recalled Abdullah making that statement before. That’s when it dawned on me that Abdullah wasn’t just pulling a date out of his hat. Evidently, Abdullah saw something on the horizon that could end the whole Middle East peace process. But, what was it that Abdullah was seeing? Now I think I may know. And it may have profound implications for Bible prophecy.

Sep. 10

Iran’s Bad/Good Cop? — What Herb Thinks

My discovery that former Iranian president Mohammed Khatami is a founding member of the UN’s Alliance of Civilizations set alarms sounding. In fact, the reason Khatami has been in America is so he could attend the AOC’s recent High Level Group meeting in New York City. Why were alarms sounding? Because, the AOC was the idea of Spanish Prime Minister Jose Rodriguez Zapatero. And, Zapatero and the EU’s Javier Solana are closely associated. For example, take a look at this frame from my PowerPoint presentation.

Sep. 12

FP No. 2 — What Herb Thinks

I hesitated posting the news that FP has moved into Alexa’s No. 2 spot. I didn’t want to be seen as bragging. But, at the same time, my 30 years in the insurance business taught me that people are drawn to success. And, my goal is to reach as many people as possible while I still can.

Sep. 13

Dialogue of the Lambs — What Herb Thinks

Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad believes — as do many Islamic extremists — that the Holocaust is a myth. In fact, I’ve read where he has actually hired Islamic scholars to help support his view. We may laugh at Ahmadinejad and his so-called “scholars.” But, did you know that some of our own so-called “Christian” scholars are saying the same about the Inquisition?

Sep. 16

Alliance of Death — What Herb Thinks

We have turned what Jesus said around. Friends, I fear it’s not going to be the way we were taught. Earthquakes, wars and rumors of war are not the sign of our Lord’s return — they are just the birth pangs. The sign is the apostasy and the rise of the man of sin.

Sep. 21

Assembly of the Wicked — What Herb Thinks

Yesterday we were shocked to hear Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez actually call U.S. president George Bush the devil.

Sep. 22

Always Right — What Herb Thinks

One thing we know about President George Bush is he’s not always right. In fact, many in his own party perceive the Bush administration as making one mistake after another. This morning we had another example.

Sep. 23

Global Rec. 666 — What Herb Thinks

As the pieces came together, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It appears that Recommendation 666 may be going global!

Sep. 24

Global Rec. 666 Part 2 — What Herb Thinks

As it was back in December of 2000, once again it took awhile before the implications of certain events and their connection with the 10-nation Western European Union’s Assembly Recommendation 666 became apparent. Let me try to explain.

Sep. 25

His Sheep Asleep — What Herb Thinks

Friends, we’re seeing what chapter 13 of the book of Revelation predicts. It’s time for us students of Bible prophecy to stop fighting over minor doctrinal issues and start working together for the good of God’s people. His sheep are asleep and the wolves are coming.

Sep. 26

Fascinating or Sensationalism? — What Herb Thinks

In the early days, reporting about the events in the EU and their connection to Recommendation 666 drew two types of responses. Some students of Bible prophecy found FP’s reporting instantly fascinating and others an attempt at sensationalism. Once again, we’re seeing the same kind of responses. But, instead of it being over events in the EU, this time it’s over the recent events in the UN and their connection to Recommendation 666.

Sep. 27

AOC 2007 — What Herb Thinks

I’ve often been asked if the 70th Week of Daniel was to begin on Jan. 1, 2007, how would we know. The reason people ask this question is because, as we’ve been reporting, on Jan. 1, 2007, a covenant with many — including Israel — is to be confirmed for a seven-year period. My answer is always the same. The way we will know is if we see something happen regarding the the Jewish people, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

Sep. 27

AOC 2010 — What Herb Thinks

The more I learn about the Alliance of Civilizations (AOC), the more seriously I feel the need for us to get the information out.

Sep. 28

Developing — What Herb Thinks

With breaking news we will sometimes see the word “developing.” The reason, of course, is the reporter hasn’t had time to digest the information enough to file a report. However, if you are a regular at FP, you know I do things differently. Instead of waiting until I have everything together, I share the information even while I’m still forming my own understanding. And, naturally, sometimes I get things a bit wrong.

Sep. 29

AOC: Solana’s Better World? — What Herb Thinks

Today’s commentary was slow coming because, as I said before, researching the UN’s new Alliance of Civilizations has been like falling into an ocean of new information. And, if you recall, I also said it was more important now than ever for us students of Bible prophecy to keep our feet on the Rock of God’s Word. Here’s another reason why.