Archive: August 2006

Aug. 02

Events In A Row — What Herb Thinks

Have you noticed all the things that aren’t it? The evangelical world that I come from believes in end-time prophecy. For the most part, they believe there will be a revival of the old Roman Empire, a 10-nation alliance and a Mr. Europe who has a Mediterranean foreign policy that produces a covenant with many he will confirm for seven years. But, when we point to the events that appear to fulfill these prophecies, they say they’re not it.

Aug. 03

Council Conclusion NO. 66/06 — What Herb Thinks

What is European Union Council Conclusion NO. 66/06? Let’s read it.

Aug. 04

Deal With the Devil — What Herb Thinks

No sooner do we learn about EU Council Conclusion NO. 66/06 — where Javier Solana was given a green light in the Middle East crisis — and we learn Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos may have already cut a deal with Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad Read about it here. Moratinos, as you may know, was recently Solana’s personal envoy to the Middle East.

Aug. 08

Israel’s Epic Battle — What Herb Thinks

C-SPAN covered today’s Security Council meeting of the UN. As you may know, the international body was debating a Middle East cease-fire resolution. The outcome of the debate could have serious implications to the future security of Israel. In fact, it was reported Israel said before this meeting they were preparing for an “epic battle.”

Aug. 19

Betrayed — What Herb Thinks

I can’t help but think anyone who calls the UN cease-fire resolution anything but a defeat for Israel is either dishonest or mentally challenged. So, where does that leave our President George Bush? As you may know, Bush is calling the cease-fire a victory for Israel.

Aug. 22

Calling Their Bluff — What Herb Thinks

Today Iran’s chief negotiator, Ali Larijani, delivered Iran’s official response to the incentive package being offered by the UN Security Council’s big five and Germany. Read about it here. But, before delivering his response to UN headquarters, Larijani did what U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said he should do. Larijani picked up a phone and called the EU’s Javier Solana. Read about it here.

Aug. 22

Iran Attacks EU Rig — What Herb Thinks

Iran said their response would be multifaceted. And it looks like it was. On the same day that Iran officially rejected the EU’s Javier Solana’s incentive package, Iran also attacked and took over an oil rig belonging to Romania. Read about it here. And, since Romania is scheduled to enter the EU on Jan. 1, 2007, this is basically an attack on a EU member state.