Archive: June 2006

Jun. 06

06-06-06 — What Herb Thinks

Last night I was watching Fox News when I noticed the date on the screen. Sure enough, the clock on the wall indicated it was a little after 12. It was 06-06-06.

Jun. 08

EU’s Solana War — What Herb Thinks

I assure you, I’m not trying to be dramatic. That’s really the way I see what’s happening in the European Union — a Solana War. You see, we’re witnessing a battle for control of the EU’s foreign policy between the Commission and the Council. And, in the middle of this conflict is the man who just delivered the international community’s peace deal to Iran — Javier Solana.

Jun. 13

The Market of Markets — What Herb Thinks

Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen visited President George Bush at Camp David this week. According to the EUobserver, Rasmussen was meeting with Bush to sell his idea about creating the market of markets. Rasmussen’s plan is to establish a free-trade zone spanning both the European and North American continents. Read about it here.

Jun. 21

A Clear Sound — What Herb Thinks

There is much in the news worthy of comment. But before I start, let me say a few things about our discussion board.

Jun. 23

Confirming A Covenant — What Herb Thinks

Readers at FulfilledProphecy already know something incredible happened at the recent EU/US summit. Javier Solana — the man whose rise in the EU is connected in two places with the number 666 — has had the civil, police and military resources of all 25 EU states placed at his disposal.