Archive: May 2006

May. 03

10 Signposts — What Herb Thinks

In my book, Recommendation 666, I list eight keys that have helped me in my study of Bible prophecy. The last key is “Follow the Road Signs.” Here’s some of what I wrote.

May. 10

God’s Elect — What Herb Thinks

I’m afraid some may have missed the central question behind my commentary, “What If?” I wasn’t attempting to stir up another debate on the timing of the rapture. But, from some of what I’ve seen on our discussion board, it appears I may have. So, I’ll try asking the question once more.

May. 23

History’s Final Days — What Herb Thinks

A couple questions came in about my last commentary.

May. 31

Cool Coup 2 — What Herb Thinks

History may say the Clinton Administration made it possible and the Bush Administration made it happen. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) fell under Europe’s control. As a result, the world shifted to where there was no return.