Archive: January 2006

Jan. 02

2006 — What Herb Thinks

FulfilledProphecy began reporting the unreported news in February 2002. The primary mission was to report the events that are recorded in my book, Recommendation 666. The secondary mission was to follow the events to see where they go — to see if they were, in fact, the actual fulfillments of Bible prophecy.

Jan. 10

Insight With Understanding — What Herb Thinks

Insight without understanding is dangerous. As believers in Jesus, we all have a new spiritual insight into things. But, the question is, do we correctly understand what we see?

Jan. 12

Global Player — What Herb Thinks

The document begins under the heading, “Financial Perspectives 2007 – 2013.” Then it says, “Europe as a global player.” And, the last line reads, “Legislative package for external actions.”

Jan. 13

Behind the Scenes — What Herb Thinks

FulfilledProphecy has become my full-time job. That being the case, readers may wonder why on some days I don’t post commentary. Well, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.

Jan. 17

End-Time Reporter — What Herb Thinks

I’ve often said I’m not a Bible scholar. What I consider myself to be is more like an end-time, investigative reporter. A reporter who happens to know Bible prophecy.

Jan. 18

Hah-vee-EHR’ soh-LAHN’-ah — What Herb Thinks

I had to laugh at this one. A poster from Europe found this article and put it on our discussion board.

Jan. 19

Faith On the Rock — What Herb Thinks

A song from yesterday’s America rightly said, “Paranoia runs deep. Into your heart it will creep.” Well, the same could be sung about today’s Europe. The only difference is, instead of paranoia, it’s confusion that runs deep.

Jan. 21

Chasing Rabbits — What Herb Thinks

As I read about Javier Solana’s — yes Solana’s — new European Gendarmerie Force Read about it here I And here, I’m reminded first of the rabbit hole in the children’s story Alice in Wonderland. And, second, I’m reminded of some lyrics to a song that say, “When you’re chasing rabbits.”