Archive: December 2005

Dec. 05

100 Straw Men — What Herb Thinks

I just finished watching Dr. David Reagan, founder of Lamb & Lion Ministries, on Zola’s TV show that aired last night. And, you know what, I was disappointed in both men. Well, mostly in Dr. Reagan. He should have known better.

Dec. 07

Further Along — What Herb Thinks

Recently, I wrote about something called “global governance.” Instead of talking about forming a world government, internationalists are talking about world governance.

Dec. 08

Glass Darkly — What Herb Thinks

The Apostle Paul reminds us that we see in a glass (mirror) darkly. Paul says that this will be our condition until Jesus returns (1 Cor. 13:12). Why is that? Why is it we saved, born-again Christians can’t arrive at the whole truth about things? Why do we continue to fight and disagree?

Dec. 09

A Little More — What Herb Thinks

I posted the following in reply to questions on our discussion board. Thought others might like to see it too. This is a little more explanation why I feel the document may be so prophetic.

Dec. 13

Battle for Jerusalem — What Herb Thinks

Looking at the map of Jerusalem provided by the Jerusalem Post See it here, I’m reminded of a board upon which is played a strategy war game. If so, they would probably call it “Battle for Jerusalem.”

Dec. 16

Arming for Armageddon — What Herb Thinks

I receive many requests for my take on the timing of the so-called “Gog/Magog” war we’re told about in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39. This is especially true in light of the current nuclear stand-off going on between Iran and the international community.

Dec. 26

Here We Go Again — What Herb Thinks

I’m a Gentile Christian who didn’t feel like celebrating Christmas. Once, as Jesus approached Jerusalem, He felt the same. In fact, the Bible tells us Jesus wept over Jerusalem.

Dec. 27

Eyes That See — What Herb Thinks

Having been in the insurance business, one thing I know — people see things differently. I was especially reminded of this fact while watching the History Channel last night. It was a two-hour documentary about the antichrist and Bible prophecy.

Dec. 28

High Eyes That See — What Herb Thinks

My last commentary was about eyes that see — spiritual eyes. Today, it’s about another type of eyes that see — high eyes.

Dec. 30

Anti-christ Jeans — What Herb Thinks

Have you noticed? They’re popping up everywhere — the antichrists. Here’s another one. This time, it’s in the form of anti-christ jeans. Read about it here.