Archive: November 2005

Nov. 02

Deal at Last — What Herb Thinks

If this doesn’t grab your attention, nothing will. This isn’t just another foot in the door. This is the opening of the door. And it’s an event we students of Bible prophecy have been awaiting.

Nov. 03

Bush End Run? — What Herb Thinks

Could President Bush’s new pandemic flu plan Read about it here be an end run?

Nov. 09

Armor of Light — What Herb Thinks

The realization of war comes slow. But I don’t think any doubt it now. Bombs exploded at three American hotels in Amman Jordan today. In one hotel, a wedding party was in progress. Read about it here.

Nov. 22

Faith and Presumption — What Herb Thinks

There’s a fine line between faith and presumption. Stepping out isn’t easy. Yesterday I stepped out. I called my boss — who also had become a friend — and told him I wouldn’t be coming back to work. I decided to go full time with FulfilledProphecy.

Nov. 23

Dollars for Truth — What Herb Thinks

There is much to report. Now that I’m full-time, there will be many commentaries coming. But, before I dig in, I want to make my position clear on a few issues.

Nov. 23

Euromed — What Herb Thinks

The chatter on our discussion board has been fascinating. But what else can we expect. For those of us who are into Bible prophecy, the news has begun falling around us like ripe apples.

Nov. 29

Euro-Med Pact — What Herb Thinks

The long-awaited, 2005 Euromed Summit is over. You may recall, this is the meeting where the EU’s Javier Solana had once predicted, along with a big celebration, a surprise announcement. It didn’t happen.