Archive: July 2005

Jul. 04

Days of Apostasy — What Herb Thinks

In 1970, the world shook when Hal Lindsey’s The Late Great Planet Earth hit the bookstores. And aftershocks are felt to this day.

Jul. 14

Deceiving the Elect — What Herb Thinks

If we’re witnessing the foretold chain of events of end times, then we’re also entering a time of great deception.

Jul. 19

He’s Back — What Herb Thinks

Actually, he never went away. It just took awhile for the press to notice. Once power is given, it is seldom given back.

Jul. 24

Divide and Expel — What Herb Thinks

Divide and expel, that seems to be the policy. Divide Jerusalem and expel the Jewish settlers.

Jul. 24

A Little Closer — What Herb Thinks

I was struck by some words. They were on the image sent to me by the people who are putting on The Watchman End Time Symposium that Constance and I are to attend. The words were, “Maybe we have not looked closely enough.”

Jul. 31

2010 Again — What Herb Thinks

There’s the year 2010 again. This time it’s in an agreement Javier Solana brokered between the EU and Vietnam. Read about it here I And here.