Archive: June 2005

Jun. 06

EU War — What Herb Thinks

The UK’s Tony Blair thinks he’s on a roll. The EU’s failed constitution may be just what he needed. You see, Blair never wanted too much Europe in the first place. He only wanted a little. That’s why he went along with the EU beast from the start. He wanted to be a part of it so he could control it..

Jun. 07

Back Door Man — What Herb Thinks

Some observers are predicting an EU war. I think they’re right. If you recall, even as the news was coming out that the French had voted down the EU’s new constitution, the EU’s High Representative was declaring that his foreign policy elements would continue. Read about it here.

Jun. 17

Christers — What Herb Thinks

That there’s truth to this is the sad thing. Read about it here. The religious right movement has elements that should concern us. However, the fact that the secular world has developed a derogatory name for us should concern us even more.

Jun. 19

A Bit Much — What Herb Thinks

It’s a bit much for me to believe things are as out of control in the EU as they say. Read about it here I And here. I suspect it may just look that way. And it could look that way for a reason.

Jun. 26

Christian Neverland — What Herb Thinks

Last night we watched a movie titled Finding Neverland. Starring two of Hollywood’s biggies, Johnny Depp and Dustin Hoffman, the movie is about what its title suggests — finding Peter Pan’s Neverland.