Archive: May 2005

May. 01

In the Middle — What Herb Thinks

I’m tired of America always being portrayed as the bad guy. That’s why I’m posting this commentary from an outside observer. Here we see America the way some others see America. And, it’s the way I prefer to see America. Read about it here.

May. 08

Elephants In the Room — What Herb Thinks

There is another elephant in the room. If there was only one, I might understand why no one was saying anything. But now there are three. And, if silence is an indicator, no one is noticing.

May. 11

House of Rising Sun — What Herb Thinks

It’s like a train speeding down a steep hill. Nothing can stop it now. Even if its wheels left the tracks, the momentum is so great, it would just keep on going. That’s the way I see the European unification project. And, according to this report, I’m not alone anymore. Read about it here.

May. 18

Boxed In — What Herb Thinks

A common mistake we students of Bible prophecy make is trying to figure out God’s mystery before it is finished. Instead of being satisfied with what God has, and is, revealing, we begin speculating. And this is where we get in trouble.

May. 19

History’s Calling — What Herb Thinks

The problem with too many toys is not knowing which to choose. That’s how today’s news makes me feel. I don’t know which to choose.

May. 30

America — What Herb Thinks

It’s Memorial Day in America. This is when we Americans honor our war dead. Started by a veterans group after the Civil War, this somber day of of remembrance has survived to commemorate all America’s fallen that have followed.

May. 31

If We Build It — What Herb Thinks

I wouldn’t count the EU’s High Representative out yet. In fact, he’s already stepping back up to the plate. He’s got an idea to save the day. The EU’s new constitution calls for important structural changes within the EU system. Why not build them anyway?