Archive: April 2005

Apr. 01

Flying Christians — What Herb Thinks

Yesterday’s commentary was about something the Israeli High Court calls “leaping conversions.” As I pointed out, the way I see it, the Israeli government is trying to find a way to extend the right of return to more Jews, while at the same time not opening the door to Jewish Christians.

Apr. 06

Counterfeit — What Herb Thinks

As I write, Javier Solana is preparing for his time as the EU’s first, super foreign minister. We could say, he’s getting all his ducks in a line. Read about it here. If things go as planned, Solana’s term will begin on Jan. 1, 2007.

Apr. 07

Days of Decision — What Herb Thinks

Days of decision are looming before the EU leaders. After years of debate, compromise and, in some cases, sacrifice of their national interests, the fruit of their labor — the EU’s new Constitution of Rome — may face the chopping blocks of their public’s opinion.

Apr. 10

Closing Window — What Herb Thinks

Last night we watched the first Left Behind movie. My friend Constance Cumbey insisted that I see it. The reason was because some recent news out of the EU reminded her of a scene in the movie. As usual, she was right — she had even quoted the line in the movie perfectly.

Apr. 12

HG2010 — What Herb Thinks

Recently, a friend wrote asking for a list of all the events that are to occur in 2010. You may have noticed it, too. As I’ve been reporting events in the EU, for some reason the date 2010 keeps popping up. After responding to my friend, I realized others might be interested, too. So, here is what I said.

Apr. 13

Almost Total War — What Herb Thinks

If nothing else, 9/11 should have taught us something: There’s no such thing as almost total war. But that appears to be the war the West is wanting to fight. Read about it here. And, in my opinion, a half-hearted attempt at war is too dangerous.

Apr. 14

Crooke In the Road Map? — What Herb Thinks

WorldNetDaily is reporting that an ex-M16 officer and prior EU representative to the Palestinian Authority held secret meetings with top Hamas leaders. According to the report, documents from the meeting were uncovered that showed the EU representative blamed Israel for all the continuing violence. He even went so far as to call the Palestinian and Hamas terrorists “freedom fighters.” Read about it here. The man’s name is Alistair Crooke. And wouldn’t you know it? Crooke worked for Miguel Moratinos, who, in turn, worked for the EU’s top diplomat, Javier Solana.

Apr. 15

Brave Heart — What Herb Thinks

Most of us have seen that Mel Gibson movie Braveheart. If you recall, Gibson portrayed Scotland’s legendary hero from the 13th Century, William Wallace, whose great exploits delivered Scotland from English rule.

Apr. 18

Ancient Names, Ancient Games — What Herb Thinks

Ancient names are commonplace today. In the news we’re hearing about places like Babylon, Israel, Persia (Iran) and, in the ongoing European reunification project, even the Roman Empire.

Apr. 20

Back to Shinar — What Herb Thinks

Shinar is the biblical name for a land that existed between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in what today we call Iraq. Also known as Mesopotamia, this is the land where secular scholars believe our modern civilization first began — the so-called “cradle of civilization.” It seems, according to the above Scripture, civilization is destined to someday go back to where it began.

Apr. 20

By This You Know — What Herb Thinks

Friends, according to the Apostle John, it may very well be our last hour.

Apr. 21

Difficult Times — What Herb Thinks

The Apostle Peter tells us God’s judgment will first begin with the house of God (1 Peter 4:17). And, the Apostle Paul says the same thing. Paul told young Timothy, in the last days, difficult times will come (2 Timothy 3:1).

Apr. 22

Benedict the Enforcer — What Herb Thinks

What Ratzinger believes about salvation:

Apr. 23

Created A Monster — What Herb Thinks

It started out as a good idea. We conservative, evangelical Christians need to become politically active. We need to work together with others who share our moral values and save America from the godless, liberal agenda. Now, we’ve got a monster on our hands.

Apr. 28

Greek To Me — What Herb Thinks

A passage of Scripture has troubled me for years. I don’t believe anything in God’s Word was placed there without purpose. However, in this passage, something is said that appears to have no reason. I want you to notice how John tells us it was certain Greeks who asked to see Jesus. And, when Jesus learns about them, Jesus immediately begins thinking about His approaching death — as if the visiting Greeks were a sign.