Archive: March 2005

Mar. 06

The Prophecy Market — What Herb Thinks

The following essay is a little long. But if your interested in knowing what’s really going on in Europe and Bible prophecy, it is a must read. You see, my concern is that we students of Bible prophecy may be waiting for what’s already here. The reason we’re missing this fact is best explained by Mark Leonard, the writer of the essay.

Mar. 08

Global Europe — What Herb Thinks

I was talking to Constance Cumbey yesterday. We both are arriving at the same conclusion. The new world order is much further progressed than God’s people realize. And, it’s coming compliments of the EU’s Javier Solana.

Mar. 11

Big 3 Still In Way — What Herb Thinks

This is good: It’s being reported the international gang met in Madrid in search of a definition for terrorism. I suspect they may be looking for a definition that makes it legal when used against Israel, but not against any of them. The UN’s Kofi Annan was there. So was American billionaire George Soros. And, of course, the EU’s Javier Solana was also attending. Read about it here.

Mar. 13

A Global Dogfight — What Herb Thinks

Analyses are now appearing about what happened in Madrid. Read one here. If you recall, the Club of Madrid — made up of former heads of state — sponsored a conference where the subject was terrorism and what the international community should do about it. Among the personalities and experts attending this conference were American billionaire George Soros, the United Nation’s Kofi Annan, the European Union’s Javier Solana and Spain’s King Juan Carlos.

Mar. 15

ENP Confirms Barcelona — What Herb Thinks

An EU official by the name of Margot Wallstrom said something that may have added one of the final pieces to this end-time puzzle. She said the EU’s new European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) doesn’t replace Javier Solana’s 1995 Barcelona Process, it strengthens it.

Mar. 17

Assembly of the Many — What Herb Thinks

Yes he was. The EU’s Javier Solana was in Cairo attending the inaugural meeting of the Euromed Assembly. As I reported earlier, Margot Wallstrom, deputy president of the Commission, was there giving a speech. Also there was Luxembourg Minister Nicolas Schmit, representing the Union’s rotating presidency and Josep Borrell, president of the European Parliament. Read about it here.

Mar. 17

A Sleight Change?! — What Herb Thinks

It’s amazing what changing a few words can accomplish. Since I began linking to the speech given by the EU’s Margot Wallstrom, a sleight change occurred.

Mar. 19

A Fading Dream — What Herb Thinks

I’m an American. I believe in the American dream. Like all good things, however, that dream is fading.

Mar. 20

Come September — What Herb Thinks

According to this report, Kofi Annan is calling for the international community to get the job done restructuring the UN Security Council by September. Read about it here.

Mar. 23

A Nonstarter — What Herb Thinks

This is the part of Bible prophecy I’ve learned to enjoy the most. Wondering how in the world it’s going to work out now. It’s being reported UN head Kofi Annan said Javier Solana’s dream of having a seat on the UN Security Council was a “nonstarter.” He didn’t mention Solana directly. But, when Annan mentioned regional organizations, that included Solana’s EU seat.

Mar. 30

Enough Time? — What Herb Thinks

I’ve never had a greater burden for God’s people than I do this morning. I can see them struggling to catch up — to make sense out of what’s happening. But, having gone through the struggle myself, I know how far the majority have yet to go. And, for so very, very many of God’s people, I fear there just isn’t enough time anymore. Things are happening too fast.