Archive: February 2005

Feb. 08

All That For This — What Herb Thinks

I believe it was just last November BBC reported that the EU’s High Representative let it slip that he had been having secret talks with Hamas. The problem BBC had with this revelation was Hamas was on the European Union’s list of terrorist organizations.

Feb. 11

Charming Mr. Huggy — What Herb Thinks

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice may have gone to Europe to charm back America’s straying allies, but when the EU’s Javier Solana kissed her hand, I wonder if Rice was the one who got charmed? Read about it here.

Feb. 15

Closet Pre-trib Doubters — What Herb Thinks

The e-mail is still coming in over my commentary, “When Experts Aren’t.” So, if I haven’t got back to you yet, you know why.

Feb. 20

Also At Brussels — What Herb Thinks

I don’t like Brussels. That’s because Brussels is in Belgium. And, I don’t like Belgium. Why? Because I’m descended from a person who was burned at the stake in Belgium during the Inquisition. In fact, my family barely survived the state-sponsored horror.

Feb. 23

EU 3 and Mr. Invisible — What Herb Thinks

When in Europe, just who do you see? That’s the problem facing President George W. Bush on his visit to Europe. And, from the looks of it, the answer to that question is “everybody.” You meet with everybody.