Archive: January 2005

Jan. 09

Abbas Wins Mandate — What Herb Thinks

Today’s Palestinian election wasn’t only a contest between the six official candidates; it was also a contest between the moderates who want peace and the radicals who don’t.

Jan. 14

A Foreign Minister? — What Herb Thinks

If Javier Solana is just what the press likes to call him, the EU’s foreign policy chief and future foreign minister, why is Solana, on his visit to the Middle East, meeting with heads of state? He met with King Abdullah II of Jordan, with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Jan. 17

EU Replacing NATO? — What Herb Thinks

At first the stories about the EU replacing NATO and Christian persecution may not seem related. But, upon closer examination, an ominous link may be detected. That link is the growing relationship between Europe and Islam. Read it here I And here I And here I And here.

Jan. 28

Darkest Fear — What Herb Thinks

I’m often asked why I don’t comment more about our own American government. After all, it isn’t just Europe fulfilling end-time prophecy. In fact, if it wasn’t for America’s support, Europe’s independent security identity would have never gotten off the ground.