Archive: December 2004

Dec. 01

Solana Rescues World — What Herb Thinks

When am I going to hear it? When am I going to hear the news that Javier Solana rescues the world? Have you noticed all the places this man has been recently? He’s been in Israel and Gaza working on resolving the Israeli/Palestinian dispute. He’s been to Iran attempting to end the Iranian/ EU nuclear standoff. And, now Solana is in the Ukraine trying to cool down that simmering crisis, too. Wow! How does he do it?

Dec. 02

Covenant With Many — What Herb Thinks

As I’ve been reporting, Javier Solana’s European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) has a seven-year element. And, it is quite literally a covenant with many. It is an agreement between 25 European Union member states and 17 non-member states. In other words, it’s a seven-year agreement involving 42 nations. Friends, that’s a covenant with many.

Dec. 04

Hamas Accepts Peace! — What Herb Thinks

Peace, peace, everywhere they’re saying peace. Even the terrorist organization Hamas is saying it. Read about it here. And, if you haven’t already, I would recommend that you read this analysis by IMRA Solana again?. Here we finally find a secular news source reporting what I’ve been reporting. And, when you read it, you’ll see why I believe the EU’s High Representative, Javier Solana, is once again the man behind today’s amazing news.

Dec. 05

Eurabia the Promise? — What Herb Thinks

Yesterday’s commentary was about the amazing diplomatic successes of the EU’s first High Representative, Javier Solana.

Dec. 06

FulfilledProphecy — What Herb Thinks

Every now and then I do a report. First, I want to thank all of you who so generously responded to my request for help a few days ago. The donations that came in were beyond what I expected, and it was a real encouragement to keep going.

Dec. 07

Europe’s Uber Fuhrer? — What Herb Thinks

We’ve done it! It’s finally breaking. Today’s Omega Letter could almost be mistaken for a What Herb Thinks. It’s all about Javier Solana, the Western European Union, Assembly Recommendation 666 and Solana’s European Neighborhood Policy.

Dec. 10

A Yes and a No — What Herb Thinks

You may have noticed that I wasn’t quick to respond to Jack Kinsella’s third Omega Letter. By way of reminder, here are the recent chain of events. On December 7, Kinsella wrote a commentary that looked like a What Herb Thinks. It was all about the EU’s High Representative Javier Solana, the 10-nation Western European Union and its Assembly Recommendation 666.

Dec. 15

2007-20 EU Presidencies — What Herb Thinks

Below you will find a list of EU presidencies I found posted at the EUobserver. Read about it here. It’s interesting to me that this new list begins on Jan. 1, 2007 — the same date the EU’s new seven-year budget term begins. This is interesting, of course, because this date coincides with Solana’s European Neighborhood Policy Instrument (ENPI) and his new European Neighborhood Policy (ENP).

Dec. 28

Apocalyptic — What Herb Thinks

It’s hard to believe — over 50,000 dead. This is about the same number of American lives that were lost in 10 years of war in Vietnam. Here approximately the same number of innocent men, women and children were dead in only a few hours. Reuters David Fox correctly described this shocking event as “apocalyptic.” Read about it here.