Archive: November 2004

Nov. 04

My Invisible Mr. Europe — What Herb Thinks

Have you seen the Academy Award-winning movie A Beautiful Mind? In this film Russell Crowe plays the part of a brilliant mathematician who sees people nobody else sees. Sometimes that’s how I feel. I’m not a brilliant mathematician, but I do see someone others don’t.

Nov. 05

France Declares War On U.S. — What Herb Thinks

France is being … well, France. Despite British PM Tony Blair’s call for a healing of the Atlantic alliance, French president Jacques Chirac is basically declaring war on the U.S. Read about it here I And here I And here.

Nov. 09

Enter the Peace Maker — What Herb Thinks

What the world needs right now is a brilliant diplomat. It needs someone on the international scene who has connections and knows how to use them. With Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat suddenly out of the picture, a small window may have opened making peace in the Middle East possible. Possible, that is, if someone knows what to do with it.

Nov. 16

The Biggest Overlook? — What Herb Thinks

I’ve mentioned him before. His name is Jim. And, once in awhile Jim will send me his observations about the EU’s High Representative Javier Solana. This last one so intrigued me that I asked if I could quote him. When Jim said I could, I couldn’t find a good place to stop the quote. So, here’s the whole enchilada.

Nov. 16

Cracking the Christ — What Herb Thinks

With actor Tom Hanks as its star, a movie — no matter how absurd — has legitimacy.

Nov. 20

Courting the Beast — What Herb Thinks

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat is gone. And, it appears to me John Paul II will soon be next.

Nov. 21

Church of Philadelphia — What Herb Thinks

Once again I’m going to break ranks — not a lot, just a little.

Nov. 29

Calling Mr. 666 — What Herb Thinks

Facts on the ground suggest it may be time for us evangelicals to set aside our minor differences and start working together. The end-time events could be happening friends, whether we like it or not.

Nov. 30

Deal Words Away — What Herb Thinks

It’s difficult for me to accept. It’s called the European Neighborhood Policy. It’s a covenant with many — an accord between the 25 EU member states and six Mediterranean states. And, of course, among these states are Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The author of the agreement is the EU’s High Representative, Javier Solana — the person who has risen among a 10-nation alliance and whose appearance, in two places, is connected with that infamous number of prophecy, 666.