Archive: October 2004

Oct. 02

The Global Test — What Herb Thinks

If you watched the debate, you heard it. Presidential candidate John Kerry said before he would take preemptive military action to defend America, the action would have to first pass the “global test.” Read about it here.

Oct. 07

Geo-Political Jesus — What Herb Thinks

Friends, the real Jesus was, and still is, a geo-political Jesus. He is the Eternal One who, from our ancient beginnings, has been walking with us through real-time history.

Oct. 17

Another Solana Connection — What Herb Thinks

It’s being reported Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge is working on the development of a national ID card in the form of a national drivers license. Read about it here I And here. It’s also being reported all over the Internet that Ridge has hired ex-KGB head Yevgeni Primakov as a consultant to help him do it.

Oct. 27

The 7 Noahide Laws — What Herb Thinks

1. No idolatry.

Oct. 29

Hurry and Don’t Know Why — What Herb Thinks

Now that the signing ceremony in Rome is over Read about it here, their real work begins. The 25 EU heads may have accepted the new constitution, but their folks back home haven’t. And, there’s no guarantees they will. So, the next two years the EU heads will be very, very busy trying to sell their new constitution.