Archive: August 2004

Aug. 09

Asleep On a Guess — What Herb Thinks

Scripture indicates the Christian church will be in a state of sleep just before the Lord returns.

Aug. 09

Iran Next? — What Herb Thinks

It’s like waiting for the corn to start popping. We know it’s all going to happen. We just don’t know exactly how and when.

Aug. 17

Big Boost For Solana — What Herb Thinks

America’s troop reduction in Europe is another big boost for Javier Solana. Now the European Union’s member states will have to do something to fill the security void. And, that something will have to be centered around Solana.

Aug. 18

Big Three the Key? — What Herb Thinks

This was submitted by a reader. Here’s why the EU’s big three — France, Germany and Britain — could be the Antichrist’s key to controlling the world. In other words, the three kings to be subdued.

Aug. 19

Will Solana Outshine? — What Herb Thinks

By now you’ve probably read John Fonte’s “The Ideological War Within the West” commentary. If not, I recommend that you do. Read it here. Here we find strong support for what I have reported in Recommendation 666 from a secular source.

Aug. 28

Finding 666 — What Herb Thinks

I received an e-mail this morning questioning why my discovery of a document with the number 666 meant anything. And, the person wanted my answer in a brief summary.