Archive: July 2004

Jul. 01

Changing of the Heads — What Herb Thinks

Today, the EU beast is once again changing heads. As you know, the EU beast has 25 little, rotating heads now. Every six months these heads rotate so each one can have a turn at directing the beast. The result is, each six months the poor creature begins in a different direction.

Jul. 05

France Flexes Nukes — What Herb Thinks

This report stirred my curiosity. Why is France suddenly flexing her nukes? France is warning rogue states she has nuclear weapons and she’s not afraid to use them.

Jul. 16

Enter Solana — What Herb Thinks

If you don’t think Democratic candidate John Kerry giving those leftists salutes is anything to worry about, consider what’s going on in Israel.

Jul. 20

Sharon’s Coalition of the Many — What Herb Thinks

It hit me while Israeli Ambassador Alon Pinkas was explaining to CNN’s Lou Dobbs last night what Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was doing. He said Sharon was attempting to create a new coalition government that better reflects the will of the majority in Israel. Read about it here.

Jul. 24

Calling Sharon’s Bluff — What Herb Thinks

This is an important story for students of Bible prophecy. Javier Solana, the European Union’s High Representative of the Common Foreign and Security Policy, is calling Israel’s bluff. Even secular observers are seeing it — something has changed. Read about it here. But, unfortunately, only a handful of end-time reporters will be able to give an accurate analysis.

Jul. 25

Solana Center of Storm — What Herb Thinks

The EU’s new foreign minister, Javier Solana, is at the center of the storm he created. As you know, when Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon gave Solana an ultimatum, Solana called his bluff. Now Sharon has more than egg on his face. The man known as the Old War Horse has just been humiliated by a man known as Mr. Huggy.