Archive: June 2004

Jun. 08

Bushwhacked — What Herb Thinks

There are two opposing powers attempting to bring peace to the Middle East. There is President George Bush’s Broader Middle East and North Africa Initiative (BMI). And there is Javier Solana’s Barcelona Process for the EU. Read about it here.

Jun. 09

First Global Army — What Herb Thinks

Leaders of the world’s eight leading democracies meeting in Georgia have decided to created the world’s first global army.

Jun. 14

EU’s Greatest Threat: Democracy — What Herb Thinks

Its problem is democracy. You see, according to those who wish to save the world from self-destruction — such as certain members of the Club of Rome — democratic forms of government must go. Why? Because they believe voters will never allow their elected officials to take the hard steps necessary.

Jun. 15

Dream EU President — What Herb Thinks

According to the European Policy Forum based in London, the EU’s High Representative would be, in Britain’s view, the “dream” European Commission President.

Jun. 17

Blair Fearing Solana? — What Herb Thinks

A few days ago I wrote a commentary about a London-based think tank that called Javier Solana the UK’s “dream” Commission president. Read about it here. And if you recall, I said the truth may be Blair is afraid of Solana becoming the EU’s new, super foreign minister.

Jun. 29

A Deal Not Refused — What Herb Thinks

According to the EUobserver, Portuguese PM Jose Manuel Barroso has accepted the offer from the EU heads to become their next Commission president. Read about it here.

Jun. 30

Our Call From Kissinger — What Herb Thinks

I suspect Javier Solana and I have something in common. We both would like to be the one on the receiving end of a phone call from former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.