Archive: May 2004

May. 02

House of Assumptions — What Herb Thinks

I could always identify with Timothy. Perhaps that’s one reason the writings of the Apostle Paul have always had a special place for me. You see, Paul said things to young Timothy that he could have also said to me.

May. 05

Hear The EU Spirit — What Herb Thinks

High Representative Javier Solana is reported to have said the 25 EU member states should represent the “spirit of the EU” when at the UN, and not their own national interests. Read about it here.

May. 06

Front Page Story — What Herb Thinks

This may be the break we’ve been waiting for. Thanks to Noah Hutchings interview with Constance Cumbey, a story about Javier Solana and Recommendation 666 made the front page of The Canada Free Press. Read about it here.

May. 07

Black Dawn — What Herb Thinks

People in the know are scared. And well they should be. Last night I saw United States Senator Joseph Biden on C-SPAN speaking to the European press — he was pleading for Europe’s help.

May. 12

EU Wanting Attention — What Herb Thinks

Now that the EU beast has 25 heads, it’s wanting attention. In fact, as far as the EU beast is concerned, it deserves a place in the world beside the biggest beast on the block.

May. 15

Grace and Truth — What Herb Thinks

If you listen to some of our modern-day prophets, Jesus may still be into grace, but He isn’t much into truth anymore.

May. 18

Dream In Greek — What Herb Thinks

I was once told a person wasn’t intimate with Greek until they could dream in Greek. That was about 30 years ago. At the time I was attempting to teach myself Greek. Why? Because I thought if I knew Greek, no one could throw their knowledge of Greek at me when arguing over the meaning of Scripture.

May. 26

God Who? — What Herb Thinks

When the EU beast was asked if God could be mentioned in its new constitution, the creature responded, “God who?” And, it wasn’t even kidding.

May. 30

We’ve Come A Long Way — What Herb Thinks

FulfilledProphecy.Com appeared in February 2002. From the start it featured the information I thought most important.