Archive: March 2004

Mar. 02

Center of Gravity — What Herb Thinks

I’m still waiting for news about the recent talks in Washington. In the meantime, the EU’s Javier Solana had some interesting comments.

Mar. 04

Doing the Expected — What Herb Thinks

France and Germany are doing the expected. They are presenting their own, alternative version of President Bush’s Greater Middle East plan to the EU Presidency. Read about it here.

Mar. 11

EU’s 9/11 ? — What Herb Thinks

Today Spain suffered her worst terror attack in history. A number of bombs — some reports say as many as 10 — exploded during Madrid’s morning rush hour. One report I read said the death toll had reached 180 and the injured 1000. Read about it here I And here.

Mar. 14

Int’l Anti-terror Network — What Herb Thinks

Israeli Minister of Justice Yosef Lapid, and the EU’s High Representative Javier Solana, agree about something. In order to fight an international terror network, the world needs and international anti-terror network. Read about it here I And here.

Mar. 15

One Down, Two To Go? — What Herb Thinks

I don’t like what I’m thinking.

Mar. 26

Will Blair Be Next? — What Herb Thinks

Americans, for the most part, love British Prime Minister Tony Blair. It’s not because of Blair’s politics. It’s because when President Bush decided to go against the wishes of the international gang and send America’s sons and daughters to war in Iraq, Blair stood beside him.

Mar. 29

Come Together — What Herb Thinks

It’s still hard for me to believe what’s happening. The Madrid bombings sure got things rolling in Javier Solana’s direction.