Archive: February 2004

Feb. 01

Two Years Staying Tuned — What Herb Thinks

This month of February FulfilledProphecy.Com will be two years old. And last month three major milestones were reached — I began asking for donations, a new discussion board was installed, and FulfilledProphecy reached its first million hits.

Feb. 02

How Long Until They Speak? — What Herb Thinks

I wasn’t planning on a commentary about this. So why am I doing it? Because of a post I found at a popular end-time discussion board.

Feb. 03

The False Apostacy — What Herb Thinks

Yesterday’s commentary stirred me up a little. It started because of something that was posted on a popular discussion board.

Feb. 05

The Hidden Dangers Within — What Herb Thinks

A big question in evangelical circles today is where is Mystery Babylon. The New Testament book of Revelation tells us, in the end times, a false religious system will appear along with the Antichrist. And this false religious system will dominate the whole earth.

Feb. 06

They Found Carlie — What Herb Thinks

College professors may get by with it for a while. But, don’t try to tell me there’s no such thing as right and wrong in this world. And, don’t try to tell it to anyone who doesn’t have their head up in the clouds.

Feb. 06

Eurocorps to Mid-east? — What Herb Thinks

Even for somewhat of an adrenaline junkie like me, this is becoming quite a ride. The news related to end-time prophecy is coming so fast now I’m having trouble keeping up. And sometimes the events are so many, I don’t know which to report.

Feb. 08

Deal at Munich? — What Herb Thinks

Last year during NATO’s annual Munich conference, the space shuttle Columbia was falling to earth scattering debris across President’s Bush’s home state of Texas.

Feb. 09

Int’l Gang Back Kerry — What Herb Thinks

Things aren’t as simple as we’d like them to be. It’s not as easy as the left against the right, or the Democrats against the Republicans. Of all people, we Christians should know that.

Feb. 11

Earthquake In Holy Land — What Herb Thinks

When a magnitude 5 earthquake hits California, no one hardly notices. When it’s in the Holy Land, the world pays attention — at least it should.

Feb. 12

The Time Has Come — What Herb Thinks

I felt like my time had come. I was only wanting to take his picture, and they all looked at me like I had a gun or something.

Feb. 15

Firm Covenant With The Many — What Herb Thinks

In the Psalms we find the word “selah.” It means “pause” or “a time of silence.” Sometimes what’s before us is so full of meaning, we need a little time to take it all in. And, for me, that’s the way is was with Javier Solana’s recent speech.

Feb. 16

All Eyes On Temple Mount — What Herb Thinks

If nothing else, the recent speech by the EU’s High Representative Javier Solana has given us a clearer understanding of what we can expect. And, this is especially true regarding the false religion that the Bible tells us is due to appear in the end times.

Feb. 17

Horn Pulling Time? — What Herb Thinks

There’s something going on here. And, I suspect we may know what it is. If the 10 Western European Union nations are to become the 10 kings of end-time Bible prophecy, sooner of later we’re going to see three leaders from these 10 nations somehow removed, or subdued. And that may be what is now happening.

Feb. 18

Goodbye America? — What Herb Thinks

I fear these words may apply to America today. It’s not that I think America is more evil than other nations — she isn’t. It’s because America has fallen away from where she once was.

Feb. 24

Chirac’s Euro-Speak — What Herb Thinks

Euro-speak is the ability to say one thing and mean just the opposite. French President Jacques Chirac is good at Euro-speak.

Feb. 25

His Blood Be Upon Us — What Herb Thinks

It’s only natural the world hated Jesus. Jesus not only lived His life without sin, He always spoke the truth. In fact, the Bible tells us He was the truth manifested.

Feb. 26

EU Beast vs. Bear — What Herb Thinks

There is concern in Europe. The Russian bear has been growling. And the Europeans all know why. It’s over the coming EU enlargement. Read about it here.