Archive: January 2004

Jan. 03

EU’s Hidden War — What Herb Thinks

Is Germany’s parliamentarian Ilka Schroeder a student of Bible prophecy? Listen to what this thinking lady has to say about the EU’s real intentions in the Middle East.

Jan. 03

None Dare Call it Apostasy — What Herb Thinks

I hate to say it, but I really need financial support. My book sales aren’t nearly enough and FulfilledProphecy is just becoming too big for me to keep up by myself much longer.

Jan. 05

2004: What Now? — What Herb Thinks

No sooner had the feathers settled from the failed talks at the EU’s December summit, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder made it known the battle wasn’t over. Schroeder said if the EU’s new constitution isn’t approved by the end of 2004, Germany and certain other EU member states just might create their own “hard core” defense group. Read about it here And here.

Jan. 06

The Gentlemanly Terrorist — What Herb Thinks

The EU is under attack. Beginning in December, somebody has been sending exploding letter bombs to EU offices and officials. Read about it here And here.

Jan. 08

Sounds Like The Roman Empire, Romano — What Herb Thinks

The picture came with an interesting article posted by Economist.Com. It’s about Europe’s long-held dream about reviving the Roman Empire. And, according to the article, while listening to Romano Prodi describe the new, super European Union due on the scene in 2004, President George Bush was reported to have said: “Sounds like the Roman empire, Romano.” Read about it here.

Jan. 11

Bush’s Evangelical Pickle — What Herb Thinks

President George W. Bush is in quite a pickle — an evangelical pickle. And, it’s over what to do about Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Jan. 14

EU Civil War? — What Herb Thinks

This isn’t a story I’ve been paying much attention to. But, according to a report in the EUobserver, perhaps I should have been paying more attention.

Jan. 15

Herb’s Discussion Board — What Herb Thinks

Before going to bed last night I asked for help testing a new discussion board. I got up before dawn and hurried to my computer to see if it was working. It’s working!

Jan. 16

America In the End Times — What Herb Thinks

As all the end-time actors step on the world’s stage, one actor appears a bit out of place. That actor is America. Where will America fit in this final drama that is about to begin.

Jan. 17

The Hungry EU Beast — What Herb Thinks

In order to be somewhere, you first have to get there. And that’s what I believe the EU beast is doing — getting there.

Jan. 18

Aznar: A Good Cop? — What Herb Thinks

Let’s throw some recent events together and see what we have.

Jan. 20

9/11 and the Second Beast — What Herb Thinks

Recently I wrote a commentary about where I thought America might fit into these end times. And evidently, it touched a touchy subject.

Jan. 21

EU Plan, U.S. Label — What Herb Thinks

President Bush’s “Greater Middle East” proposal is an EU plan, with a U.S. label. Here’s why I say this: Last October, I wrote a commentary I believe may be relevant enough to post in its entirety.

Jan. 23

EU’s Big 3 — What Herb Thinks

As I’ve been reporting, there is a desperate battle raging in the EU. The problem is, each EU head has their own idea about the way the EU beast should go. And, each feel threatened by the way the beast is actually going. Read about it here I And here.

Jan. 24

Filling the Power Vacuum — What Herb Thinks

The sudden collapse of the Soviet Union created a power vacuum on the European Continent. And the bewildered EU beast found itself in a confusing state of mind. Some of its little heads wanted America to fill the power vacuum. And some of its little heads thought the EU beast should be big enough by now to fill the power vacuum itself.

Jan. 25

Arab Peace? — What Herb Thinks

I feel like I’m watching popping popcorn. That’s how fast peace plans seem to be popping up to end the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. No sooner had President George Bush finished revealing his plans to bring democracy to the whole Middle East region, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah announced he had come up with another plan himself. This is his second. Read about it here.

Jan. 26

Amazon Ranking Reached 6,530! — What Herb Thinks

I woke up this morning to quite a surprise. My book, Recommendation 666, had reached the incredible ranking of 6,530 at

Jan. 26

A Bit of a Chimera — What Herb Thinks

Earlier this month I reported that the EU’s High Representative Javier Solana said he was pessimistic about the Middle East road map peace plan. And if you recall, I said I thought it was Solana’s way of saying he didn’t think President George Bush was doing a good job.

Jan. 26

1 Head Better Than 25 — What Herb Thinks

You have to feel a little sorry for the thing. After all, the EU beast is trying to find itself and, instead of helping, its 25 heads are busy fighting among themselves.

Jan. 28

A Bigger Cup of More — What Herb Thinks

Perhaps one of the most amusing things for me is how the EU’s leaders in Brussels like to use Euro-spin. Euro-spin is saying one thing and meaning something else. In this case they’re employing it to cover their EU beast’s lust for empire.

Jan. 28

I Did It Again! — What Herb Thinks

I did it again!

Jan. 29

At the Crossroads — What Herb Thinks

The picture attached to the piece intrigued me more than the commentary. Although the subject of the article was the European Union, the picture was of a lone man standing at the crossroads.