Archive: December 2003

Dec. 03

Israel Told Don’t Rock the Boat — What Herb Thinks

Have you ever been railroaded into going somewhere you didn’t what to go? Well, that’s what appears to be happening to Israel. According to this report, Washington is telling Israel not to rock the Middle East boat. Read about it here.

Dec. 06

The Global Left Vs. God? — What Herb Thinks

This morning I awoke with America’s coming presidential election on my mind. And I realized something — the election isn’t just between an incumbent Republican president and another Democratic hopeful, it’s between the global left and God.

Dec. 08

The Second Beast’s First Steps? — What Herb Thinks

As I’ve said before, if the first beast of Revelation chapter 13 is rising, then the second beast isn’t far behind. And this bit of news tells me the cute little thing may be taking its first steps. It looks like the international gang wants to take control of the Internet. Like a big spider, the United Nations wants its own World Wide Web.

Dec. 09

It’s About Time — What Herb Thinks

I asked for your help getting my book into bookstores, now Mel Gibson is asking for our help getting his movie into theaters. The following was an e-mail sent from The Passion of The Christ Fan Web site.

Dec. 10

Implications of the Solana Doctrine — What Herb Thinks

Sometimes I get so caught up gathering information and writing commentary, I fail to appreciate fully what something may mean. And, I think I’ve done it again. I’ve failed to appreciate fully the implications of the Solana Doctrine.

Dec. 10

Are These the 10 Toes? — What Herb Thinks

Just when we thought we had all the pieces in place, a news report scattered our end-time puzzle in every direction — well, almost.

Dec. 11

Back to the WEU — What Herb Thinks

We’re becoming quite a community here at Thanks to input from a reader named Mark Gilmore, I discovered the five Mediterranean nations in this new 5 Plus 5 union — Malta, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania — are from the western leg of the old Roman Empire, not the eastern leg. See west leg here.

Dec. 11

Bogey Man at EU Summit — What Herb Thinks

Keeping up with what’s going on in Europe right now is like watching that old shell game. It’s getting harder to know where the pea is all the time — or in this case the bogey man.

Dec. 12

Two Speed Or Horn Pulling? — What Herb Thinks

The EU beast doesn’t exactly have it together right now. Here it is, having its most important summit since birth, and its little heads are fighting with each other.

Dec. 13

EU’s Crash and Burn? — What Herb Thinks

Not only doesn’t the EU beast have it together, it looks like it’s having a complete breakdown. The beast’s 25 little heads just can’t seem to agree on who should lead.

Dec. 15

France Torpedo EU Summit? — What Herb Thinks

The EUobserver may have opened up an intriguing new possibility. The writer of this report suggests France, not Spain and Poland, is responsible for the collapse of the EU summit. Read about it here.

Dec. 17

Confused By These Changing Times? — What Herb Thinks

The EU’s recent failure to adopt the new, super constitution has sure caused a lot of confusion. A commentary on a popular end-time Web site even went so far to say this event may have set back the fulfillment of the Bible prophecies for a time.

Dec. 19

Even-handed Covenants — What Herb Thinks

My favorite picture is the one taken of me and Henry. I’m talking about the Henry — Henry Kissinger. And, I learned something from that short encounter about what makes a great diplomat great.

Dec. 23

Interreligious and International Peace Council — What Herb Thinks

Here we find an example of “Mystery Babylon” at her finest. I’m talking about the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s so-called Interreligious and International Peace Council. Moon, as you may know, is the founder of the Unification Church.