Archive: November 2003

Nov. 01

God Says, ‘Bring Them Out’ — What Herb Thinks

I recently wrote that I thought the indications for the future of Israel aren’t good. The reason I feel this way is because Israel has become deeply divided over the best way to resolve the ongoing Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Nov. 13

Daniel 11:23 Scenario? — What Herb Thinks

Although a fierce battle is being waged over the EU’s new Draft Constitution, there seems to be much agreement in one important area. As I reported before, almost all 25 heads of the current and future EU member states want their new, super EU to have its own military. And, they want it to have its own command structure separate of NATO. Those in favor of this separate command, of course, include the EU’s High Representative Javier Solana — who was hired to create this independent military — and his top military man, General Gustav Hagglund.

Nov. 14

US Fears EU Superstate — What Herb Thinks

I promised I’d post my book’s first sales report when it came in. Well, it finally came in. And, Recommendation 666 isn’t quite a No. 1 bestseller. Not counting what I bought for myself, it sold 65 copies in its first month of September.

Nov. 15

Has Christ Been Divided? — What Herb Thinks

Last month I wrote a commentary titled, Israel: A House Divided.

Nov. 21

When Bush Comes to Shove 2 — What Herb Thinks

Last January I reported Secretary of State Collin Powell said the United States was prepared to push the Road Map on Israel. Read the commentary here.

Nov. 21

Irish Bump In Solana’s Road? — What Herb Thinks

Each time the EU presidency changes hands, I wonder what it will mean for Solana and his 10-nation alliance. As you may know, the EU member states take turns at the presidency every six months. Soon the Italian presidency will be over and, on January 1 next year, the Irish presidency will take over.

Nov. 22

Evil Days Have Come — What Herb Thinks

You don’t have to be a born-again, Bible-believing Christian to know our world stands on the brink of something evil. You can feel it in the air.

Nov. 24

America: Behold, the Man — What Herb Thinks

This is a difficult commentary for me. The reason is, each time I make an attempt at this subject matter, I receive e-mail from people who misunderstood what I meant. And for a writer, that means you’re not doing a good job. However, this is something I feel the Lord wants me to say.

Nov. 24

A Deal Israel Can’t Refuse? — What Herb Thinks

Power must be used while you still have it. Perhaps that explains what’s going on between U.S. President George Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. With American forces becoming ever more deeply committed in Iraq, this logic may now apply to both leaders.

Nov. 25

Blair’s Uneasy Smile — What Herb Thinks

Have you figured out British Prime Minster Tony Blair yet? I sure haven’t. In my commentaries I’ve gone from criticizing him, praising him, and just last October criticizing him again. Now once again I am wanting to praise him. It’s making me dizzy.