Archive: October 2003

Oct. 07

He Who Restrains — What Herb Thinks

In yesterday’s commentary I mentioned the importance of perspective in Bible study. In order to correctly understand the strange images found in the New Testament book of Revelation, we need to be able to see things from both God’s and the Apostle John’s perspective.

Oct. 11

Super President, No … Foreign Minister, Yes — What Herb Thinks

A survey published by the European Commission reveals something interesting. Seven out of 10 people living in the 10 new countries joining the European Union next year want a common foreign and security policy run by a strong foreign minister. Read about it here.

Oct. 15

Blair Behind Geneva Accord! — What Herb Thinks

The moment I heard about this so-called “Geneva Accord,” I suspected a European Union connection. And sure enough, according to this report, it appears this peace plan negotiated by the Israeli left was drafted under British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s sponsorship. Read about it here.

Oct. 16

Blair’s Surprise Betrayal — What Herb Thinks

I can hear the words coming from that back room in Brussels now.

Oct. 17

Cat Among the Pigeons — What Herb Thinks

The United States may finally be waking up. As I’ve been reporting, British Prime Minister Tony Blair surprised everybody be throwing in with the anti-American EU factions who want to create an independent military command outside NATO. And, the Bush administration is reacting by calling for an emergency meeting of NATO on Monday. Read about it here.

Oct. 20

Another 666 Connection — What Herb Thinks

Yesterday I said something big may be going on in Europe. Well, as far as fulfillment of Bible prophecy is concerned, it may be bigger than I thought — it may be huge!

Oct. 20

EU Route 666 — What Herb Thinks

Today’s commentary should be of special interest to those who have read Recommendation 666 or have spent time here at

Oct. 22

Big Three Upstage Solana — What Herb Thinks

Feeling their oats from the recent agreement to set aside their differences and work together, the European Union’s big three military powers decided to resolve the crisis looming over Iran’s nuclear program.

Oct. 24

Coming Soon: Iron and Clay — What Herb Thinks

In my last commentary I said I agreed with the EU’s High Representative, Javier Solana. When Solana was asked what shape he thought this new, super EU would finally take, Solana said the EU would become a super power, but not a superstate.

Oct. 29

Core’s Hour of Power — What Herb Thinks

It appears the Inter-governmental Conference is going in the direction we students of Bible prophecy suspected. According to Radio Free Europe, this new, super EU may have a weak presidency and a strong foreign minister.

Oct. 30

Israel: A House Divided — What Herb Thinks

Indications for the future of Israel aren’t good. As Israel’s top political leader plays hardball with the Palestinians and international community, Israel’s top military officer pops up a gentle floater.