Archive: September 2003

Sep. 03

Between History and Future — What Herb Thinks

I wonder if we students of prophecy could be caught right now between history and future.

Sep. 04

Like A Dog On A Bone — What Herb Thinks

There are a lot of news stories competing for our attention right now. But this story we should be sticking to like a dog on a bone.

Sep. 06

Dancing On the Edge — What Herb Thinks

While the Middle East is rocking on a knife edge, our Western leaders are engaged in a diplomatic dance.

Sep. 07

Agreements With Sin — What Herb Thinks

No sooner had the announcement come that Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmud Abbas was resigning, the European Union announced its decision to label Hamas a terrorist organization.

Sep. 14

Round 2: Bush and the Weasels — What Herb Thinks

It looks like the Bush administration is preparing for its second round with the weasels in the United Nations Security Council. The weasels, of course, are those anti-American factions within the European Union championed by France.

Sep. 17

As the Serpent Deceived Eve — What Herb Thinks

As I read this report about former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright Read about it here, these words from the Apostle Paul jumped into my mind.

Sep. 18

Connecting the Dots — What Herb Thinks

Here are four news reports I think may be related.

Sep. 21

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello — What Herb Thinks

Have you noticed? The British government has just released its official White Paper response to the EU’s new draft constitution, and the press is reporting what it says two different ways.

Sep. 24

Chirac Pitches Solana World — What Herb Thinks

Yesterday French President Jacques Chirac gave a speech to the U.N. General Assembly where he appeared to be giving support to the Bush administration’s request for a Security Council resolution for international help in rebuilding Iraq. Chirac’s speech.

Sep. 30

Pope Counting His Days — What Herb Thinks

In the last few years we have seen pieces of the end-time puzzle fall into place in some unexpected places and ways. Now I think another important piece may be about to appear.