Archive: August 2003

Aug. 05

Conquering, and to Conquer — What Herb Thinks

It appears the United States is having second thoughts about letting Javier Solana’s forces take over NATO’s peacekeeping operations in Bosnia. Read about it here.

Aug. 09

International Iraq — What Herb Thinks

It looks like it’s only a matter of time until the United States and Britain seek the help of the international gang in rebuilding Iraq. Read about it here I And here.

Aug. 12

The Difference A Day Makes — What Herb Thinks

This is interesting. The EUobserver is reporting German defense minister Peter Struck said his country would support NATO troops going into Iraq. Read about it here. Not only that, Struck said Germany would even be willing to send in German troops.

Aug. 13

Inclusion of Sin, Exclusion of Power — What Herb Thinks

The buzz word today is “inclusion.” On both sides of the Atlantic, political leaders are using that word like never before. The idea is, the more different kinds of people who get involved with the political process, the better off the majority will be.

Aug. 19

The Unexpected — What Herb Thinks

Early this morning I saw Mars. The sight was totally unexpected. And, just like they said it would, next to the moon Mars had become the brightest object in the night sky.

Aug. 20

The Expected Response — What Herb Thinks

I just finished posting my last commentary about how prophecy is sometimes fulfilled by something sudden and unexpected happening Read it here, when the unexpected happened. A truck bomb suddenly exploded and destroyed the United Nation’s headquarters in Iraq and killed the top UN official to Iraq inside. Read about it here.

Aug. 25

A Whole Lot of Shaking — What Herb Thinks

Last week the number of reports related to Bible prophecy from the European Union were down. Suddenly, three interesting articles have appeared. Evidently, behind the scenes there was a whole lot of shaking going on.

Aug. 27

Fischer Warns Small States — What Herb Thinks

Is this race for who will become the EU’s new foreign minister real? Or, is it just another example of the old good cop/bad cop ploy?