Archive: May 2003

May. 04

Mounting The White Horse — What Herb Thinks

The private yacht cruising off the Greek Islands was the Alexander. Inside the luxury vessel were the European Union’s 15 current heads and 10 future heads. The 25 European leaders were called together by the Greek presidency to discuss one important issue — what to do about America. Read about it here.

May. 06

From Jesus With Love — What Herb Thinks

This week the state of Israel celebrates both her Memorial Day and her Independence Day. During these festivities the Israeli people remember their fallen citizens and soldiers and reflect on what their nation has to be thankful for over the last year.

May. 10

America’s Babylon — What Herb Thinks

First it was Javier Solana’s Euro-Mediterranean free trade area. Now it’s George W. Bush’s US-Mediterranean free trade area. Read about it here.

May. 15

Another Horse In the Home Stretch — What Herb Thinks

Suddenly there’s another horse in the race.

May. 16

Checkmate For Solana? — What Herb Thinks

Wanting to understand God’s plans regarding the time for the restoration of Jerusalem, the prophet Daniel turned to the writings of the prophet Jeremiah. Daniel noticed that God said through Jeremiah that Jerusalem’s desolation would last 70 years (Daniel 9:1).

May. 19

A Little Help From His Friends — What Herb Thinks

My last commentary was about a DEBKA report that said the European Union’s high representative, Javier Solana, may have just checkmated both Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon and United States president George W. Bush in his latest tour of the Middle East. Read about it here.

May. 22

Atheists in Their Carefully Constructed Boxes — What Herb Thinks

Atheists have a well-constructed defense against the Christian God. They say the burden of proof is on us. Before they listen to anything we have to say about our faith, we must first prove to them that God exists — something they’re confident we can’t do.

May. 31

Here You Go Again — What Herb Thinks

If you’re an American, you’re familiar with how, when confronted with someone he disagreed with, former president Ronald Reagan would shake his head and say, “Here you go again.”