Archive: March 2003

Mar. 02

One Step Back, Two Forward — What Herb Thinks

I’m thinking about naming my second book Recommendation 666 II: The Return of the Roman Empire. The first part of the title, Recommendation 666 II, was never in doubt. But, the second part of the title hasn’t come as easy for me.

Mar. 06

Consensus of the Beast — What Herb Thinks

If there’s anything we learn from the Old Testament book of Daniel, it’s the fact that God is sovereign over men and kings. God is even sovereign over lands where He isn’t known or acknowledged.

Mar. 13

The Dragon’s Shadow Reaches the Balkans — What Herb Thinks

There is an evil Jesus hated more than lying. That evil is hypocrisy.

Mar. 14

Anti-American or Anti-Christ? — What Herb Thinks

British Prime Minister Tony Blair isn’t just fighting for his personal political life, he’s fighting for the freedom of the British people. He’s fighting the anti-Christ spirit.

Mar. 16

Time to Get Back to the Basics — What Herb Thinks

With war looming like a gathering storm, it’s time for America to get back to the basics.

Mar. 17

Three Is a Lonely Number — What Herb Thinks

Three is a lonely number. Especially if the three are members of a 10-nation military alliance. And, especially if you know your Bible prophecies.

Mar. 20

The Attack Begins — What Herb Thinks

Now that American kids are in harm’s way, the international gang’s coordinated attack against America has begun.

Mar. 21

Hard Core Europe — What Herb Thinks

Thanks to the Iraqi war, the European Union’s shaky foundations have been exposed.

Mar. 28

Who’s Watching the Store? — What Herb Thinks

I’m beginning to think America’s spiritual leaders aren’t doing their job. Let me explain why I’ve begun to feel this way.

Mar. 30

How Will It End? — What Herb Thinks

The news coming from the war isn’t good. Despite continuing optimistic statements from the White House and military officials, it’s becoming increasingly evident the war is going badly.