Archive: February 2003

Feb. 01

The Euro Terror Connection — What Herb Thinks

There may be some real dirt hiding under External Relations Commissioner Chris Patten’s rug. EUobserver writer Sharon Spiteri says, “One quarter of MEPs have called for an official inquiry into allegations that 10 million euro monthly payments from the EU to the Palestinian Authority are being used to fund terrorist activities.” Read about it here.

Feb. 03

A Sign in the Texan Sky? — What Herb Thinks

As I write, that horrible scene of the space shuttle Columbia hurtling to earth is being repeatedly shown around the world.

Feb. 04

With Us, or Against Us — What Herb Thinks

When U.S. President George W. Bush said, “You’re either with us, or you’re against us,” the world knew what he meant. However, I wonder if the rest of us did.

Feb. 05

Bush’s One Fatal Mistake — What Herb Thinks

I’m concerned about America’s future.

Feb. 06

Mr. Untouchable — What Herb Thinks

I’ll always remember that time, long ago, when I suddenly found myself standing in the middle of a brawl.

Feb. 07

Mr. In Common — What Herb Thinks

Once again I think he’s done it. He’s found that safe line to walk between all the brawling 15 EU heads and has still ended up where he wants to be. I’m talking, of course, about the EU’s first Mr. Common Foreign and Security Policy, Javier Solana.

Feb. 09

Petro-Euro: Franco-German Agenda? — What Herb Thinks

Following Secretary of State Colin Powell’s dramatic and convincing proof before the UN Security Council that Saddam Hussein was hiding WMDs, US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld paid a visit to Munich, Germany, expecting to gain NATO’s full support for war against Iraq.

Feb. 10

Old Europe or Old Spirit? — What Herb Thinks

What a quote! It’s reported Belgian Foreign Minister Louis Michel actually said, “When one has to take a slap in the face … by Mr Rumsfeld who comes to teach a thing or two to ‘old Europe’ — the Europe of democratic values, humanist Europe, the Europe of the Age of Enlightenment — personally I find that this hurts.”

Feb. 11

The Man Who’s Always There — What Herb Thinks

It fascinates me how, whenever there’s an international event or crisis, Javier Solana is always somewhere in the middle of it. And, yet, he somehow manages to keep himself out of the media’s spotlight.

Feb. 12

It’s About Time — What Herb Thinks

People are finally starting to notice. Although they may not yet understand what it means, people are beginning to realize what I’ve been saying here on for the last year now — there is something big going on in the European Union.

Feb. 13

Looking For Mr. Europe — What Herb Thinks

The European Union is like a kindergarten class with nobody in charge.

Feb. 14

Choosing Sides — What Herb Thinks

Today’s the day chief weapons inspector Hans Blix is to deliver his report on Iraq to the UN Security Council. And, it’s expected Blix’s report will accomplish nothing new — it won’t change the minds of the permanent members of the Security Council who want an Iraqi war, and it won’t change the minds of the members who don’t want war.

Feb. 15

The Tinkerbell Spirit — What Herb Thinks

Now it appears the religious leaders of the world have begun choosing sides, too.

Feb. 16

Operation Mirage — What Herb Thinks

They’re calling it “Operation Mirage.”

Feb. 18

Back Under Solana’s Wings — What Herb Thinks

The EU’s first High Representative of the Common Foreign and Security Policy, Javier Solana, suddenly found himself standing in the middle of a great, big brawl. The 15 heads he was hired to represent in common foreign policy began fighting among themselves over the issue of war with Iraq.

Feb. 19

Blair’s Fatal Mistake? — What Herb Thinks

Recently I said I thought US president George W. Bush may have made a fatal mistake in March 2002 when he sponsored UN Resolution 1397 that called for the creation of a Palestinian state. Now British Prime Minister Tony Blair may be making that same fatal mistake.

Feb. 19

The Franco-German War — What Herb Thinks

The Eurobserver is reporting the 10 new accession countries to the EU are demanding that they be allowed to participate in the Intergovernmental Conference that will ratify the new, super EU constitution. This means, these 10 nations want the conference to be put off until after they become full members of the EU in May 2004. Read about it here.

Feb. 20

Solana’s Secret Memo — What Herb Thinks

The World Socialist Web site claims a German news magazine recently reported about a secret memo from the EU’s High Representative, Javier Solana.

Feb. 21

Real Rift Mediterranean — What Herb Thinks

Officials on both sides of the Atlantic are talking about the growing rift between the US and Europe.

Feb. 24

A Major Worry — What Herb Thinks

I’ve said before I thought that British prime minister Tony Blair was a good ventriloquist. Blair knows how to say things but make it look like someone else is talking. Now, I think he’s doing it again.

Feb. 25

Did WWIII Begin With Rec. 666? — What Herb Thinks

It’s commonly held that World War III may have begun on Sept. 11, 2001. I suspect, however, it may have really begun on June 5, 2000.

Feb. 26

Solana Fails — What Herb Thinks

The saga of the first Mr. Europe, Javier Solana, has more twists and turns in it than an epic Hollywood movie.

Feb. 28

A Scary Pattern Emerging — What Herb Thinks

A scary pattern is emerging. Looking at the recent news reports, it appears there could be a war going on for control of NATO, the UN and the EU.