Archive: January 2003

Jan. 02

The Greek EU Presidency Begins — What Herb Thinks

I believe 2003 may prove very decisive for the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Israel is desperate. The Oslo Accords — the process of Israel trading land to the Palestinians for peace — has been a complete disaster. Israel’s security has never been in so much question as it is at the beginning of 2003.

Jan. 07

Will Something Bad Happen to America? — What Herb Thinks

I’m really concerned about America. According to recent reports, not only may American forces find themselves in a ground war with Iraq, they may have to contend with North Korea as well.

Jan. 08

What’s Wrong With America is Religion

Javier Solana, the European Union’s first high representative of foreign policy, has finally come out and said what he thinks — the problem with America is religion.

Jan. 09

A Made Deal? — What Herb Thinks

Publicly, the issue is still open. What, or who, will lead the new, super European Union? But, behind those closed doors, I suspect a deal has already been made.

Jan. 12

Is This Solana Saying, Pass The Turkey Please? — What Herb Thinks

The EUobserver is reporting that the Greek European Union presidency will be asking Turkey to join the EU’s new military Rapid Reaction Force. Read about it here.

Jan. 13

The Dragon’s Shadow

Watch the dragon’s shadow rising over Europe.

Jan. 14

A More Dangerous Axis of Evil — What Herb Thinks

Something’s up between France, Germany and Italy.

Jan. 15

The Deal: A Two-Headed Beast — What Herb Thinks

It appears I was both right and wrong. I was right that a deal about the new, super European Union presidency had already been made between France and Germany behind closed doors. But, I was wrong about the kind of deal they had made.

Jan. 16

Another Solana Cool Coup? — What Herb Thinks

At the bottom of the list of events on the right side of’s homepage, you will find these words:

Jan. 18 — What Herb Thinks

FulfilledProphecy.Com must be saying something people want to hear. On August 17, I reported 499 average hits per day. Today, January 18, is averaging 1,404 hits per day — and the number keeps growing.

Jan. 20

God: The EU’s Troubling Question — What Herb Thinks

I must admit, I’m always amused a little when I hear about unbelieving political leaders who are attempting to answer a spiritual question. And, when it comes to the leaders of the European Union, the idea strikes me as absolutely hilarious.

Jan. 21

When Bush Comes to Shove — What Herb Thinks

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has sure made the singing, four-headed beast mad. I’m talking about the Quartet — that strange alliance of the US, the EU, the UN and Russia that is busy trying to bring peace to the Middle East. How did Sharon make the beast so mad? Not only has he rejected the Quartet’s beloved Road Map peace plan, he has actually called the Quartet irrelevant.

Jan. 22

Three Say No, Two Say Yes — What Herb Thinks

Talk about something pregnant with meaning! The more I read this report from the German DW-World.DE, the more I read this report from DW-World.DE. Read about it here.

Jan. 23

Giscard’s Turtle A Councilist — What Herb Thinks

It’s out of the closet: Giscard’s turtle is a councilist!

Jan. 24

The Dragon’s Next Step — What Herb Thinks

The shadow of a great dragon is rising over Europe.

Jan. 27

Rumsfeld Smells it Too — What Herb Thinks

Yes, the EU pot is beginning to smell to me. Fortunately, I’m not the only one who is noticing it anymore. It looks like Washington is beginning to smell it, too.

Jan. 28

Cool Score For A Cool Coup? — What Herb Thinks

As I write, the big stories are about yesterday’s long-awaited report by chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix and today’s state of the union address by President George W. Bush.

Jan. 29

A Big Bang Fulfillment of Prophecy — What Herb Thinks

They are calling it the European Union’s “big bang” enlargement. Read about it here. Upon completion of the addition of the 10 new nations, the EU will become an economic and political entity bigger than the US, Canada and Mexico put together. Read about it here.

Jan. 30

Eight Is Enough — What Herb Thinks

This is an interesting bit of news: It’s being reported that eight European nations have issued a joint declaration giving their support to military action against Iraq. These nations are Britain, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, Denmark and the Czech Republic.

Jan. 31

Recommendation 666’s Europe — What Herb Thinks

I’ll always remember my shock when I discovered that the events I had just witnessed occur in the Europe Union in the last half of 2000, that looked to be the fulfillments of Bible prophecy, were traceable back to that one document — Assembly Recommendation 666. Well, it’s happened again.